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Pre-Medical and Dental School

Recent chemistry and biochemistry majors have earned admission into top medical and dental school programs. Faculty in the Chemistry Department and the Pre-Professional adviser will support you throughout your preparation for admission into these competitive tracks.

Undergraduate Requirements for Admission into Medical and Dental School

Students who wish to apply to medical school must complete the following required courses. Any chemistry or biochemistry major program is compatible with completing these requirements.

Course Area Course Number
General Biology, 1 year with lab BIO 101-102
General Chemistry, 1 year with lab CHM 109-110
Organic Chemistry, 1 year with lab CHM 209-210, CHM 220-221
General Physics, 1 year with lab PHY 101-102
Math, 1 year MTH 231, 232 or 270
English, 1 year ENG 120, 212, 213 or 214

Which degree program should you choose to prepare for medical or dental school?

You can choose any major in any department in the College, but you may want to consider a major in Chemistry if:
  • You think you might choose a medical specialty with a strong chemistry component, such as radiology, endocrinology, pathology, anesthesiology, or oncology, etc.
  • You think you might want to have a career in medical research
  • You plan to apply to a combined MD/Ph.D. program
  • If you want to have a career alternative in case you change your mind about becoming a physician
  • You enjoy studying phenomena at the molecular and atomic level