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Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate Research in the Chemistry Department

A primary goal of the Chemistry Department is the integration of chemical education with undergraduate scholarly activities. Toward this goal, students are involved in high-quality research experiences that enable them to improve their problem solving skills, learn new lab techniques, and explore chemistry outside of the classroom. Faculty and students are involved in a variety of collaborative on-campus research projects that lead to presentations at professional conferences and peer-reviewed publications.

Dr. Sunghee Lee, Department Chair and Endowed Professor of Science, Analytical Chemistry
Read about Dr. Lee’s research with undergraduates

Dr. Casey Dougherty, Assistant Professor, Biochemistry
Read about Dr. Dougherty's research with undergraduates

Dr. Kathleen E. Kristian, Assistant Professor, Inorganic Chemistry
Read about Dr. Kristian’s research with undergraduates

Dr. Mychel Varner, Assistant Professor, Physical Chemistry
Read about Dr. Varner's research with undergraduates

Dr. Rodney Versace, Visiting Assistant Professor, Computational Biochemistry
Read about Dr. Versace's research with undergraduates

In addition to on-campus research with Iona faculty, our students have been involved in summer Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) programs at other academic institutions as well as a variety of industrial internships.