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Dr. Paolina Centonze featured on News 12

Cyber Security Program Coordinator Paolina Centonze, Ph.D., was featured on News 12 in a story on international "ransomware" cyberattacks.

Paolina Centonze on News 12

Student Experience

My experience at the 2015 ACSAC took what I thought I knew about security and expanded upon it; in addition to being able to share the work which I conducted under the mentorship of Dr. Centonze, with regards to mobile application permissions with others in the field of security, I in turn found myself exposed to the work of countless others. In addition to the myriad of ideas circulating the conference, I found myself interacting with others from different countries, so not only were ideas shared, but cultures.

Walter Squires '16

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The World is Waiting

Many of our students start ventures or have jobs before they even graduate. Recently, after completing our popular course in iPhone Application Development, two students co-founded a successful company that develops apps for clients in the New York metropolitan area––a year before they received their diplomas.

Cyber Security Scholarships

For students pursuing studies in cyber security, several independent scholarship opportunities are available. Cyber Security Scholarships for Women