Cyber Security Outreach at High Schools

Paolina Centonze, Ph.D., and her group of Iona College students majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in Cyber Security, continue their circuit of presenting at local schools. On December 1, Dr. Centonze and the students had the opportunity give a cyber security awareness presentation to an AP Computer Science class at The Ursuline School in New Rochelle. This opportunity was made possible by Professor Frances Bailie, Ph.D., and David Lorden.
This presentation is part of a continued effort, led by Dr. Centonze, to apply for the National Security Alliance (NSA) Centers of Academic Excellence - Cyber Operations accreditation for the Computer Science programs.

The presentation by Dr. Centonze and students was even featured on a poster at The Ursuline School celebrating computer science events:

Cyber Security Outreach to Iona Students

Every semester, during weekly Computer Science Club meetings, students in the Computer Science major with a concentration in Cyber Security outreach to new and current students who may be interested in the major and concentration.

The goal of the outreach is to give an overview of the current Cyber Security programs in the department, as well as different scholarships and possible summer internships available in the Cyber Security field. Another goal is to spread more knowledge about secure programming code development and software secure testing. Part of this event is also to increase more security awareness and knowledge to current and future students in the department and to prepare students who may be interested in some possible local and regional competitions.

These outreach efforts also support the effort to gain NSA CAE-Cyber Operation accreditation for the Computer Science with a concentration in Cyber Security program, led by Dr. Centonze.