Iona College Launches BS, BA and MS Programs in Computer Science with Concentration in Cyber Security, Fall 2014

Today’s Most Common Cyber Security Attacks and Concerns

  • What if you swipe your credit card and a hacker steals your credit card numbers or your identity?

  • What if your personal health information, accessible to your healthcare provider or hospital, becomes also accessible to your employer?

  • What if your business is brought to a halt because of a Cyber Security attack?

Business Value and Career Potential of the Computer Science Programs with Concentration in Cyber Security

Today, Cyber Security is one of the most sought-after skills in technology, and the trend is going to continue for the anticipated future.  As noted in a recent Best Jobs article on the CNN Money Web site, Cyber Security is among the top 10 fastest growing careers in America, with a 27 percent growth rate.  Any industry—from retail sales to hospitals to power plants—is dependent on information technology (IT), and Cyber Security is essential to ensuring that IT assets are protected.

Cyber attacks are happening all over the world, and the demand for Cyber Security professionals has never been greater. The Washington Post recently reported that the government sees a critical need to fill 10,000 Cyber Security jobs in the near future and that private industry has at least four times that many openings.

IONA Courses in Computer Science with Concentration in Cyber Security

The Cyber Security programs at Iona College provide students with fundamental Cyber Security skills, theoretical as well as hands-on experience. Students are exposed to new research ideas across many Cyber Security areas including Software Security, Web Application Security, Mobile Security, Networking Security, Database Security, and Cryptography.

Jobs in Cyber Security

The figure below shows the percentages of jobs by industry in the area of Cyber Security, according to the Bureau of Labor of Statistics.  The Abell Foundation & CyberPoint International LLC states that most highly demanded job positions in Cyber Security are the following: application security engineer, network engineer, Web analytics developer, vulnerability engineer, and Internet security analyst.

Data According to the Bureau of Labor of Statistics, 2013

Professors Teaching and/or Working in Cyber Security at Iona: 

  • Paolina Centonze, PhD. Her areas of research include Language-based Security and Mobile Computing. Dr. Centonze is collaborating with IBM Research in the area of Mobile Program Analysis for Security.  She has published extensively in the area of Cyber Security, and has led the creation of the Cyber Security programs at Iona College.

  • Lubomir Ivanov, PhD. His current research interests are in the area of parallel and scientific computing – a key ingredient in modern Cyber Security. He is also involved in the development of secure mobile software.

  • Smiljana Petrovic, PhD. Her research interests include machine learning methods for authorship attribution and other Cyber Security related problems, as well as Database Security.

Details about the Courses of study

From more information contact Professor Schiaffino at or (914) 633-2338