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Bill Helmke

Academic Degree
MS Computer Science, 1997

Job Title
VP, Software Development, Marketing Management Analytics


Personal Statement

At MMA I am responsible for the design, development and implementation activities of several key software systems, all varying in technology, age and nature. These range from internal tools that integrate and align marketing, sales and econometric data (so that it can be used for modeling, forecasting and optimization projects) to client facing Marketing Decision Support Systems.

Since receiving my degree at Iona, I have held various development positions ranging from Software Engineer to my current role as VP, Software Development; I've worked on projects where I've had to interface with hardware at the port level, projects that have focused more on front-end or back-end development, projects delivered via desktop client or via the web; I've worked across multiple environments in multiple languages like Assembly, C++, VB, C# and Java. My education at Iona has been invaluable in that it prepared me for this rapidly changing environment, gave me the solid technical skills needed in the areas of problem solving, programming and database design and coupled this with a knowledgeable faculty that was approachable and available, all while keeping things current and fun.

The top-notch faculty and curriculum at Iona provided me with the foundation that I needed to be successful in every position that I've held since graduation. One of the most important things that they taught me was that there are many ways to solve a problem, but the best solutions are those that balance the needs of our clients with our internal needs. It's always better to spend more time on design up front as we will need to live with the choices we make for a long time afterward.