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Cathryn Lavery, Ph.D.

Professor of Criminal Justice, Graduate Coordinator for MS Program in Criminal Justice

Driscoll Hall 
715 North Avenue 
New Rochelle, NY 10801
Phone: (914) 633-2597

Dr. Cathryn Lavery joined the Criminal Justice Department in September 2005. She received her BA from Clark University, MS in Criminal Justice from Iona College, and her Ph.D. from the Graduate Center/City University of New York. Her research interests include: campus crime, community-based corrections, mental health and criminal behavior in the criminal justice system. She is certified in Forensic Mental Health Training, Sexual Victimization Counseling and has received certification from The Clery Center on Title IX, Security Issues and Responses. She has been invited to speak at agencies including: The New York State Police Juvenile Officers Association, The Annual Conference on Maternal and Perinatal Health (Michigan Medical Society), the National Conference on Sexual Assault in Schools, The New York City Parks Commission, the Biennial International Criminal Justice Conference on Global Perspectives of Justice, Security and Human Rights, and the American Association of Behavioral Sciences. Her current research projects include collaborative research on issues in security threat assessment, police and stress and juvenile transitional re-entry programming from jails.

Dr. Lavery is active in several national and regional organizations including: The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (memberships in Women & Minorities Section, Corrections & the Victimology Section); American Society of Criminology, Criminal Justice Educators Association of NYS, Board Member Affiliate, International Association of Forensic Criminologists, the International Association for Correctional & Forensic Psychology, and the New York Women in Law Enforcement. Dr. Lavery is currently the chair of the Criminal Justice & Sociology Department and the graduate coordinator of the master’s program in Criminal Justice.


Research & Publications