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Cathryn Lavery, PhD

Research & Publications

(Department Chair)
  • Chair since 2010 and re-elected until 2016
  • Faculty Speaker of the Year, 2012
  • Recipient of the Jean-Claude Lovinsky Award for Campus Service, 2011
  • Served as Criminal Justice Club Moderator since 2005
  • Co-Committee member for URD since 2011
  • Served as Women’s History Month Coordinator since 2010
  • Faculty Senate and College Council from 2008-2011
  • Freshman advisor from 2007-2010
  • Mentor for C-Step Student (2012) and for Step Student [New Rochelle High School 2012-13)

Professional Memberships: ACJS, ASC, CJEANYS, SNYPJOA, NYS Coalition against Sexual Assault, FOP

  • Article Submission to the peer-reviewed journal, Probation and under review (October 2012), Team-Teaching the Management & Supervision of Special Offenders: An Alternative Approach to College Instruction of Controversial Issues in Our Correctional System. Co-authored with David T. Mulcahy, US Federal Probation.
  • Article Submission and Acceptance. Team-Teaching in the College Classroom: An Alternative Approach to Instruction of Controversial Issues in Our Correctional System. Corrections Now (ACJS). Published October 2010.
  • Article Submission and under review, Intimate Partner Violence: Signs, Assessment & Considerations for Health Care Providers for Domestic Violence Reports (September, 2012). 
  • Manuscript Submission and Acceptance (September 2011). College Athletes and Views about Sexual Assault & Rape Myths on A College Campus: The Examination Using Social Status Characteristics Theory.  (Edwin Mellen Publishing, Summer 2013).
  • Reviewer for the Test Bank for Community-Based Corrections, 8th Edition by Alarid and Del Carmen. Centage Publishing (September 2010).
  • Proposal Editor and Reviewer for Court Procedures & Evidence by D. Beavens. Aspen Publishers (September 2010).
  • The Journal of Critical Criminology (2010). Presidential Candidates & The State Crime: Views of College Students. Co-authored with Dr. Joshua Klein, Iona College
  • Presentation on Security Threat Assessment Training and Global Security to John Jay’s International Conference on June 2012
  • Roundtable Discussant, ASC, 2011 – Team-teaching Initiatives in the Field of Criminal Justice. Co-presented with Prof. David T. Mulcahy, Washington, DC.
  • Panel Chair and Presenter, ACJS 2010, Teaching Controversial Issues in the Field of Corrections – co-presented with Dr. Josh Klein & Prof. David T. Mulcahy, Toronto, Canada.
  • Panel Chair and Presenter, ACJS 2009, Exploring Paradigm Shifts Necessary to Identify Sexual Marketing & Exploitation in Modern Society (Paper) – co-presented with Dr. Lauren Barrow, Boston, MA.