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The Department of Criminal Justice is dedicated to nurturing ethical and skilled decision makers, developing problem solvers who embrace diversity and are committed to providing quality service to all segments of the community, and producing independent thinkers for whom the goals of justice and fairness are paramount.  These hallmarks of a criminal justice education at Iona will be achieved through a program which considers critical issues in the field from an interdisciplinary perspective in a true liberal arts tradition.  In furtherance of this mandate, the Department of Criminal Justice will ensure that our graduates:

  • Section A: are not only familiar with all components of the criminal justice system, from both a theoretical and practical perspective, but have been taught to question existing practices and procedures in search of more effective and viable alternatives;
  • Section B: have a thorough appreciation of the nature and causes of crime, recognizing in particular how strong families, stable communities, effective schools, and reductions in violence and poverty are integral to any crime prevention initiatives and programs;
  • Section C: have an appreciation for the myriad social, political, legal and ethical concerns embedded in complex criminal justice issues;
  • Section D: not only have a complete understanding of criminal law (both substantive and procedural) but also appreciate how fair and equal treatment under the law is essential to the American system of criminal justice;
  • Section E: consider themselves professionals whose integrity is beyond reproach and who are committed to treating both victims and offenders with respect and dignity; and
  • Section F: are equipped with excellent communication skills, both oral and written, as well as the technological expertise necessary to access, analyze and utilize information.

Success in our mission will ensure that Iona criminal justice graduates are well positioned for many diverse careers in the field.