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Marcus Aldredge, Ph.D.


Edited Volumes:
  • Kerr, Keith, B. Garrick Hardin, and Marcus Aldredge. 2015. David Riesman’s Unpublished Writings and Continuing Legacy. Farnham, UK: Ashgate.
  • Journal Reviews: Contemporary Sociology, Theory in Action (2017)

  • Aldredge, Marcus. 2016. Singer-Songwriters and Musical Open Mics. New York: Routledge. (paperback)
  • Aldredge, Marcus. 2013. Singer-Songwriters and Musical Open Mics. Farnham, UK. Ashgate.
  • Journal Reviews: Musicultures, Symbolic Interaction, Rock Music Studies, Popular Music, This Year’s Work in Critical and Cultural Theory

Other Publications:
  • Aldredge, Marcus. 2019. Review of A Practical Guide to Arts-related Research for Teaching Sociology. 47,4: 370-373.
  • Aldredge, Marcus and Alysha Gagnon. 2019. “David Riesman: Gamechanger.” Sage Encyclopedia for Social Research.
  • Aldredge, Marcus. 2016. Review of Working to Laugh entitled, “The Comic Frame: The Affective Labor of Laughter and Inequalities” for Symbolic Interaction 39, 2: 333-335.
  • Aldredge, Marcus. 2016 “Musical Pilgrims and their Islands: Singer-Songwriters and Open Mics” Cambridge Companion to the Singer-Songwriter, edited by Justin Williams and Katherine Williams. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press.
  • Aldredge, Marcus and Brad Garrick Harden. 2015. “Strange Cultural Bedfellows: David Riesman, Erving Goffman and Contemporary Notions of Alienation” in David Riesman’s Unpublished Writings and Continuing Legacy. Farnham, UK: Ashgate.

Selected Presentations:
  • Aldredge, Marcus. 2018."Conflicting Discourses of the Police and Law Enforcement in American Music: A Longitudinal, Content Analysis." Eastern Sociological Society. Baltimore
  • Aldredge, Marcus. 2017. “Enabling and Anchoring Resources in American Punk Scenes in the South, 1975 – 1980.” Eastern Sociological Society. Philadelphia.
  • Aldredge, Marcus. 2014. “Musical Pilgrims and their Islands: Singer-Songwriters and Open Mics.” International Association for the Study of Popular Music, UK.  Cork, Ireland.
  • Kerr, Keith, Marcus Aldredge and Xi Chen. 2014. “Graffiti with Chinese Characteristics: A Longitudinal Study of Campus Graffiti in Northwest China.” International Sociological Association. Yokahama, Japan.
  • Aldredge, Marcus and Shaki Asgari. 2014. “Trending toward Artistic Diversity?: A Case Study of Collegiate Arts Programming, 2000-2014” Eastern Sociological Society. Baltimore.