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BS in Economics/ MS in Computer Science (Five-Year Program)

This program will allow students to complete a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and a Master of Science in Computer Science in a five year format. In general, the program would allow students to acquire expertise in two related knowledge bases so that they will possess the capability to pursue careers managing technological applications and innovations across the two disciplines. Graduates will be prepared to pursue advanced graduate degrees or to enter industry as data analysts.

See application information for program.


Courses that fulfill both college core options and major requirements
Course Number Course Name Credits
ECO 201 & 202 Basic Microeconomics and Basic Macroeconomics 6
PHY 101 General Physics 1 4
MTH 231 Calculus 1 4
CS 201 Computer Science 1 4
Total 18

Required courses in the BS Economics degree core
Course Number Course Name Credits
ECO 309 or equivalent Statistics for Economists 3
MTH 232 Calculus 2 4
PHY 102 General Physics 2 4
Total 11

Required major courses for the BS Economics degree
Course Number Course Name Credits
ECO 308 Economics of Money and Banking 3
ECO 310 Econometrics 3
ECO 315 Intermediate Microeconomics 3
ECO 316 Intermediate Macroeconomics 3
ECO 409 History of Economic Ideas 3
ECO 416 International Economics 3
ECO 435 or MTH 250 Mathematical Applications in Economics or Linear Algebra 3
ECO Electives Three courses chosen from 300 and 400 level courses 9
Total 30

Required course for the MS Computer Science degree
Course Number Course Name Credits
MTH 310 Discrete Math 3
CS 202 Computer Science 2 4
CS 600 Data Structures 3
CS 610 Computer Architecture 3
CS 620 Database Systems 3
CS 630 Programming Languages 3
CS 650 Design of Operating Systems 3
CS 701 Algorithms for Computational Science 3
CS 761 Data Mining 3
CS ___ Four CS graduate electives 12
Total 40