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Anthony DeMarinis

As long as Anthony De Marinis can remember, he had always struggled in school. It wasn’t until the 8th grade when he started a school store in his secondary school, that made him realize what his strengths and weaknesses were.
Once he started capitalizing on his strengths, he learned how to cope with his weaknesses, helping him to become a better student and community leader. Learning this at an early age helped him through college and life after college.
According to Anthony, growing up with learning differences is very challenging, especially when those learning differences are with you for life.  
Anthony graduated from Curry College in 2011 with honors, cum laude. He briefly managed a boutique hotel, and then moved on to manage a six-acre scrap metal recycling facility for five years. Anthony’s passion however, is helping people with developmental disabilities. He hopes to start a business or non-profit program that will provide vocational training and jobs in the dog industry for individuals with developmental disabilities.
Currently, Anthony has his own dog training and dog services business called The Gold Coast Dog, located on Long Island, N.Y.