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Students Attend Lecture at Museum of Mathematics

A small contingent of present and future Education students currently taking MTH153 attended a lecture at the Museum of Mathematics in New York City on Wednesday, April 5, 2017. The speaker, British mathematician and Star Trek aficionado, James Grime presented an in-depth analysis of the real math behind science fiction. Titled “The Math of Khan,” the presentation included such topics as prime numbers, exponential growth, paradoxes, morphology and, perhaps most important of all, how the color of your shirt affects your chances of survival in deep space (note that blue is good; red is not). MoMath is located just off the corner of Madison Avenue and 26th Street. Grime’s lecture is part of an ongoing series, Math Encounters, offered free of charge on the first Wednesday of every month.

Professor William Zimmerman, pictured with two students who participated in the event, has previously brought MTH 153 students to the Museum of Mathematics in November 2015.
William Zimmerman with two students