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Carmine J. Torchetti Jr.

MS Teaching, 2015
I have always had a passion for two different professions. From the time I was in fifth grade, I have had a deep-rooted passion for social studies and historical content. That passion has never escaped and has only grown as I matured into adulthood. However, as I often state, life has the ability to alter our plans and transport us away from our initial thoughts. As I entered my teenage years, I began to have a growing interest in media production; in television, radio and print media. As such, I took time to reflect on what I wanted my life to be about. In August 2010, I began full-time coursework at Iona as a declared Mass Communication major. With transferred credits, summer courses and full-time status, I completed and earned my bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication from Iona College in May 2012. Upon graduation, I worked in several television corporations.
However, after spending six years in media between radio/print internships and my positions in television, I decided that the time had come for the passion for social studies that was rooted in me since fifth grade to be addressed and utilized. Therefore, in August 2013, I enrolled in the Master of Science in Teaching (MST) program at Iona College with a concentration in secondary social studies education. This was significant for me for several reasons. First, I was proud to once again be at Iona because my father earned both his bachelor’s degree (1973) and his master’s degree (1978) from Iona College. To be able to have the opportunity to complete both my bachelor’s and master’s in a similar manner was highly symbolic for me. In addition to that, he has been in education for more than 40 years and to obtain my master’s degree in his chosen profession had an additional meaning.
I always knew the value of education as I watched my father from when I was a child work in various capacities in the school setting. Therefore, to be able to blend my passion for social studies with my admiration for education into this new, chosen profession is regarded very highly. To do all of this at Iona College, where between my father and myself, we have obtained four degrees, three of which were with the Education Department, makes it very special. The challenging and preparatory curriculum, the dedicated professors, the strong departmental structure and the love and support of so many in my life, have allowed me to finally utilize a passion of mine since the fifth grade. Now, I am a proud high school social studies teacher at Cardinal Hayes High School in the Bronx, N.Y. I received guidance and support from so many, including the great entity that is the Iona College Education Department.