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MA in English

Whether you are a teacher seeking a graduate degree, a student planning to go on for a PhD, or simply pursuing your passion for literature, the M.A. program in English can help you to achieve your goals.

Our classes are taught by a dynamic community of professors whose scholarship informs their teaching.  In structuring your degree plan, you can choose from a wide range of courses, from the classics to contemporary literature. From this solid foundation, you develop your own academic interests through writing the Master’s thesis, and you will receive individualized attention from a mentor who will advise and guide you from inception to completion of the project. The M.A. program in English will expand your understanding of literature and the essential role it plays in understanding the world around us, while better preparing you to move forward on your chosen career path.

Areas of Study



Foundations of Language and Literature

ENG 600-ENG 729
Linguistics and the History of the English Language, Chaucer, Studies in Shakespeare, Further Studies in Shakespeare, Sixteenth Century Literature, Comparative Literature: The Literature of the Continental and the English Renaissance (2 courses)


Classic Periods

ENG 730-ENG 762 (17th Century, 18th Century, Romantics, Victorians, 19th Century Novel) (2 courses)


American and Modern Literature

ENG 764-ENG 896 (19th Century American, 20th Century American Fiction, Contemporary American Fiction, Modern American Poetry, Modern British Poetry, 20th Century English Novel, Modern Theater, Contemporary Theater, Irish Literature) (2 courses)


Electives in English

ENG 610-ENG 999 (4 courses)


Further Requirements:

Option A

MA Thesis ENG 981

3 or 6

Option B

Two additional courses and a special research project linked to one of the final courses taken in the program




33 or 36

Foreign language requirement may be satisfied by a course or by an exam.
A candidate may elect a maximum of 12 summer credits.