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Shannon Andrews

Shannon Andrews

I came to Iona College with a love for books and dreams of pursuing a career in publishing. Intrigued by the five year BA/MA program in English, I took the first step towards publishing the day I set foot on campus.

During my first week at Iona, I attended the Involvement Fair in order to explore what the school had to offer. There, I was intrigued by the Kaleidoscope Literary Magazine. The executive board instantly inspired me, and I signed up to attend their weekly meetings. I was excited to meet people who shared my interest in reading and writing, and it wasn’t long before Kaleidoscope became my first family at Iona. After freshman year, I worked as the Managing Editor, assisting with our weekly meetings and coordinating with our off-site publisher. Working on Kaleidoscope each semester became one of the brightest highlights of my college years.

In my junior year, I started taking my first graduate-level classes. Though I was nervous, my professors were gracious and helpful. I learned that I could complete an internship for school credit, so that summer I interned for a small publishing house in Louisiana.

When I returned to New Rochelle that fall, I was eager to gain more publishing experience and expand my horizons.  I was awarded that opportunity the day I accepted an editorial internship with Marvel Entertainment. Though I was new to comics, I quickly fell in love with the industry and was thrilled to be working with some of the most creative people I’ve ever met.

The summer after my graduation, I accepted a full-time job with Marvel working in the Talent Management department under the Managing Editor. I was ecstatic to have landed a job in publishing and knew that my time at Iona helped shape me and guide me towards my dream job.

Though I still had two semesters of graduate courses ahead of me, the English department helped me to build a schedule that would allow me to attend classes alongside work. Some of my professors even agreed to meet me for classes on weekends and evenings so that it wouldn’t interfere with my job. It’s always been evident how much Iona’s English department wants its students to succeed. I came to Iona with hopes of pursuing publishing, and I know that dream would not have been achieved without Iona.

Shannon Andrews