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Iona College Dance Ensemble, Fall 2016 – "A Celebration of Body, Mind and Spirit"

Roots and Pedals

Dancer & Choreographer: Dr. Hannah Park
This dance grapples with themes of dependence, independence, and interdependence. Highlighting bodily sensations through movement, it also focuses on the irreversible effects of change and the body's need for balance.

Intelligence Dream

Dancers: Marianna Sticca, Brittney Lozada
Celebrating each dancer's connection to movement as a special form of non-verbal expression, as an outlet, and as a way of connecting and relating, this dance investigates the integration of physical and emotional expression.

Jindo Drum Dance (In the style of Park, Byung-Chun)

Dancers: Eun Sung Lee, Sook Kim
Jindo Drum Dance, from a Southern province of Korea, is one of the most prominent Korean traditional dances. Typically, Buk, the drum used in the Jindo Drum Dance, is played with two drumsticks, one in each hand. Execution of complex rhythmic patterns on the drum have developed into the unique style of dance that while seemingly improvisatory, is meticulously coordinated.

Time Pulled

Dancers and Choreographers: Prof. Erin Cella and Christopher Shepard
This dance was inspired by a quote from Plato: "Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses."

Let us be!

Dancers and Choreographers: Marianna Sticca, Nathaniel Forson, Kaitlin Pearce, Brittney Lozada, Atira Barber-Ellis, Dominique Bryden, Ashley Vera
Inspired by the beats and rhythm of African music and its connection to movement and communal energy, this dance explores African dance aesthetics as it embraces individuality while celebrating togetherness.

Earthly Whispers

Dancer and Choreographer: Dominique Bryden
Inspired by the intricate rhythmic patterns of African drum music, this dance explores animalistic and earthly movements.