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Iona Dance Symposium: Diverse Dance Experiences 2017

During the Fall 2017 semester Dr. Park curated a series of dance classes to highlight the diverse relationship to movement found across the world. Students were invited to participate in Colombian Salsa, Indian, Hip-Hop, and West African dance instruction.

Students are paird up facing eachother and holding hands as they dance salsa. A live drummer accompanies the recorded music. Colombian Salsa Dance Master Class lead by Ms. Jemina Alviar.

Students balance on one leg and raise their arms to the sky in unison as teacher Kevin McEwen provides intruction. West African Dance Master Class lead by Mr. Kevin McEwen.

Michelle Cole leads the students in a hip hop dance on stage in the auditorium. Hip-Hop Dance Master Class lead by Ms. Michelle Cole.

Melvin Varghese faces the class and provides instruction as the students bend down low with one arm straigh out to the side in a traditional Indian dance movement. Indian Dance Master Class lead by Mr. Melvin Varghese.