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The Government Inspector by Nikolai Gogol

Spring 2016 production

A man and a woman struggle, the woman looks afraid. In a small town in Russia, news of a government official coming to inspect the area sends the townsfolk, the officials and the local magistrate into a frenzy of hilarious proportions as they all try to cover up the misdeeds and mismanagement that have been the norm in the town for years. But will a case of mistaken identity foil all of their efforts? Find out with one of the most masterful comedies written by Russian playwright Nikolai Gogol. 

Four people are huddled together on stage, two men on the right and two women on the left. One of the men is speaking seriously and the rest listen in.
Five people on stage making a toast with tiny glasses of wine.
What looks like the closing scene, the government inspector stands on a table and delivers his thoughts passionately.