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Iona College Dance Ensemble, Spring 2016 – "Now!: Body Stories"

Intersection - Trivial Pursuit Pie

Choreographer: Kathryn Alter
Dancers: Andrea Ashcroft, Lauren Bartlett, Kayla Edwards, Michelle Migliaccio, Elizabeth Sangalli

Five dancers on stage each with a different colored top. They raise their right arms and lift thier left legs against a light blue backdrop.

The End of the Road

Choreographers & Dancers: Sophia Procario-Foley, Susanna Procario-Foley
Music: Crystalline by Ivan Torrent
Note: This piece symbolizes the dancers’ relationship, adventures together, and emotional journey as they approach major changes in their lives.

Two dancers on stage in skirts and long pants, the lighting is dark blue. The dancer on the left twirls in the air with her arms raised. The dancer on the right watches with arms out.

Green(e) (2014)

Choreographer: Kate St. Amand from SYREN Modern Dance Co.
Dancers: Andrea Ashcroft, Kayla Edwards, Ashlyn Harty, Elizabeth Sangalli

Two pairs of dancers are on stage. In each pair, the dancer on the left has her hands on her partner's shoulders and is bending her knees. The partner is still with arms down.

Me, You and We (2015)

Choreographer: Hannah Park in collaboration with the dancers
Dancers: Andrea Ashcroft, Kayla Edwards, Ashlyn Harty, Sydney Horowitz, Michelle Migliaccio, Elizabeth Sangalli
Music: “Lost” by Zoe Keating
Note: The inspiration for this piece arose from each member’s definition of “Hope” and personal movement phrase related to the meaning that focuses on structure, form, and interplay between music and movement, experimenting with the relationships between body and bodies, and music as a “body” or structure. In particular, it emphasizes the exploration of inner rhythm and motivation.

Four dancers are on stage. The two in the background are standing, leaning over to the right with their right arms slightly bent. The two dancers in the foreground are laying down, the one on the bottom looks asleep while the one on the top reachers her arm over her.