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BA in French

Departmental Courses required for the Major
Course Number Course Name Credits
FRE 301 - 453 * Choose any eight courses from this range
FRE 452 Capstone: Seminar in French Literature
*Note: Language courses at this level and above require prior linguistic competencies; such prerequisite competencies will be determined by the Department.

Total credits required for this major: 27


Language majors are urged to broaden their studies to include other modern or classical languages. French, Italian or Spanish majors may double major in International Studies, another language or any other area of study.

Education Majors

Teaching Certification - Grades 7-12: Students wishing to major in French and receive teacher certification for grades 7-12, must complete all the requirements for French, which include the requisite 24 credits as well as the 33 credits in Education.