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Research & Publications

Student Accomplishments

  • Raymond (Sandy) Hunter has been accepted, with full funding, into the PhD programs in Anthropology [for Archeology] at the University of Chicago and the University of Toronto. He has chosen to attend Chicago which possesses one of best, if not the premier, programs in anthropology and archeology.
  • Rachel Posedenti and Cristine Samwaroo were both chosen for Thomas Paine Internships.
  • Rachel Posedenti leads the revival of the History Society which now has a membership of approximately 35 students.
  • CJ Hunter, Rachel Posedenti, Cristine Samwaroo, Michelle Costa and CJ Hunter all helped to organize the first International Conference of Thomas Paine Studies.
  • James Hurley, class of 2012, was a finalist for the Rhodes scholarship

 Faculty Accomplishments

George Bournoutian, PhD
Books published:
A Concise History of the Armenian People--6th Edition, totally revised (Mazda Academic Press, Fall 2012, Costa Mesa. CA), 520 pp.
The 1823 Russian Survey of the Karabagh Province: A Primary Source on the Demography and Economy of Karabagh in the Early 19th Century.  2nd printing--with corrections (Mazda Academic Press, Fall 2012), 458 pp.
Hay Zhoghovrdi Hamarot Patmut`yun (Armenian translation with Artsvi Bakhchinyan) of the Concise History (above) Yerevan, 2012, 412 pp.
"The Conversion of the Armenian Community of Lvov to Catholicism: Who Was Responsible?" in Series Byzantina Volume IX (Warsaw, 2012), 145-151.
Book review:
R. Kevorkian, The Armenian Genocide: A Complete History in The American Historical Review (December 2012).
"The 1823 Russian Survey of Karabagh and Azeri historiography," lectures delivered at the American University of Armenia (September 2012); the Armenian Center (Paris, September 2012); Armenian Center in San Francisco (February 2013)
"The Population of Shushi in 1823," lecture delivered at the Shushi Conference in Armenia (September 2012)
"Armenian Chroniclers as Primary Sources for the History of Iran in the 18th Century,» lecture delivered at UC Berkeley (February, 2013)
Michael J. Hughes, PhD

Received highly favorable reviews of his work Forging Napoleon's Grande Armée including a highly favorable review from one of the most published historians in the world, Jeremy Black.
Br. Joseph Morgan, PhD
Published the article, “A Meeting in Tokyo: Komatsu Kiyoshi, Wesley Fishel, and America’s Intervention in Vietnam” in The Journal of American-East Asian Relations. He also published a book review of Arrested Histories: Tibet, the CIA and Memories of a Forgotten War in the journal, Pacific Affairs.
Daniel E. Thiery, PhD
Headed the organization of the first International Conference of Thomas Paine Studies at Iona College in October 2012.  In addition to twelve sessions of scholarly presentations [including presentations by Betsy Erkkila, the Henry Sanborn Noyes Professor of Literature at Northwestern University, JC Clark, the Hall Distinguished Professor of British History at the University of Kansas and other distinguished scholars from the University of London, University of Rouen and University of Paris] the conference also featured a keynote speech by Lewis Lapham, a presentation of the play, Citizen Paine, as well as receptions at the Thomas Paine National Historical Association Building and the Thomas Paine Cottage.
James Carroll, PhD
Besides continuing his research on the history of Catholic education in the metro New York region, James Carroll, PhD, also chaired the committee for the Middle States review.