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Student Outcomes

  1. Recognize the processes by which societies, culture, and institutions have changed over time (Comprehension)
  2.  Describe particular historical developments and explain their wider context (Oral Expression)
  3. Critically read, analyze, and synthesize primary and secondary sources (Historical Skills)
  4.  Use methods of narrative and analysis appropriately for communicating historical phenomena (Research/Writing)
  5. Identify the various contexts that shape the construction and use of historical sources and knowledge (Analysis)

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Student Success

I have gained knowledge on a wide range of topics. Being a student at Iona has prepared me for the world and my future career.

Christine Samwaroo

History major

Historical perspective

James P. Hynes ’69, '01H. Currently Chairman of the Iona College Board of Trustees, James Hynes had a long and distinguished career in banking and the telecommunications business, holding senior positions in such firms as Chase Manhattan Bank, Continental Corporation, Bache & Co, NY Telephone and Fidelity Capital. In 1992 he established COLT Telecom Group, helping it grow into one of the largest telecommunications businesses in the United Kingdom. Hynes also established MetroRED Telecom in South America and KVH Telecom in Japan.  In 2003 he co-founded Neutral Tandem Inc., where he served as CEO until 2006 and remains as Chairman.