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The International Studies Program seeks to:
  • Provide students with the opportunity to take a wide array of courses that introduce students to both the intellectual content and research methods central to international studies. In addition, program faculty will introduce to students the most up-to-date theory in their respective fields and incorporate current events. Faculty will use multiple pedagogical techniques to encourage active learning for students and will use frequent assessments of its teaching to ensure excellence in the classroom.
  • Facilitate the development of critical reading, writing, and discussion skills with regard to timely, interesting, and vital public issues so that students might be sensitive to issues of morality and social justice.
  • Impart to students the tools to assess government and economic policy through individual, organizational, and institutional channels.
  • Encourage student learning beyond the classroom by providing career advice to our majors, inviting representatives from the field, utilizing alumni contacts, and by directing quality internships and field experiences which provide a vehicle for professional development.
  • Raise awareness of cultural differences.
  • Create life-long learners who possess a desire for knowledge, the capacity to evaluate political values, an appreciation of social justice and an understanding of the importance of public service.