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Student Outcomes

Upon completion of the International Studies major students will:

  • Develop critical thinking skills that would allow them to see the intellectual connections between disciplinary fields in their area of concentration.
  • Develop an awareness of diverse peoples, cultures, and ideas, and appreciate the importance of engaging in ongoing interdisciplinary learning to become informed, engaged, and responsible global citizens.
  • Learn to develop linkages between their interdisciplinary intellectual inquiries and their own ethical posi

Alumni Achievements

Students who graduate from Iona with an International Studies major (or dual major with Political Science) are among Iona’s most accomplished alumni. Two recent success stories from the class of 2010 include:

  • Susom Ghosh, International Studies & Economics Major, 2010. Currently working at the Royal Bank of Canada Capital Markets.
  • Mayara Vilas Boas, International Studies & Economics Major, 2010. Currently the Assistant Managing editor for Bloomberg View.

Why choose Iona for International Studies?

In addition to exciting study abroad opportunities and our thriving internship program, you will have a chance to participate in Model United Nations and other leadership programs as well as independent research and writing projects.