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Joe Archino interviewing Noah Syndergaard

BA in Broadcast Media

*Effective for the fall of 2014 and forward, all newly admitted students to Iona College will pursue the newly designed Broadcast Media concentration in Mass Communication. Students who were admitted to the College prior to the fall term of 2014 will complete their previously detailed program in Television & Video. The Mass Communication Department will work with continuing students to ensure that all requirements for their degree are met, and offer appropriate options, as needed, to ensure that student needs are met.

Students who have questions about this change and how it may impact his or her course of study and degree completion should arrange a meeting to speak with Dr. Robert Petrausch, Chair of the Mass Communication Department, or call for an appointment at (914) 633-2229.

Course Number
Course Name
MCO 200 Introduction to Mass Communication
MCO 225 Introduction to Broadcast Media
MCO 230 Digital Literacy and Practice 3
MCO 300 Media Law and Ethics
MCO 327 Digital Production: Studio & Media
MCO 350 Writing for the Screen
MCO 432 or
MCO 428
Broadcast Newsroom
Digital Production Workshop
MCO 329, 337, 430, 431, or 435 Choose any two courses from this group, as electives for the Broadcast Media concentration
MCO 210 - 499 Choose any three courses under the MCO heading that are outside of the Broadcast Media concentration designation
MCO 496 Capstone: Seminar in Mass Communication
  Total Credits for Major*  

*Students in Mass Communication are limited in the total number of Mass Communication credits they may earn in their undergraduate degree to a total of 42 credits, and no more. There are no exceptions to this policy.

NOTE about Internship Experience: Students in Mass Communication are limited in the total number of college credit they may earn in internship experience. Students may not earn more than 4 credits for internship experience in their undergraduate degree. There are no exceptions to this policy.