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Benjamin Gaines

Assistant Professor of Mathematics

PhD, Mathematics, Duke University
BA, Mathematics and Physics, University of Pennsylvania



Phone: (914) 633-2272
Office: Spellman Hall, 4-206 F
Office Hours: 

Joining the faculty in 2015, Dr. Gaines comes to Iona College from U. Penn and Duke University, where he taught a number of undergraduate math courses. 
His mathematical research is in algebraic geometry, with a focus on toric geometry and mathematical physics.  Toric geometry involves using combinatorial methods to study complicated geometric objects through fans, much simpler objects that exist on a lattice of integers, which allow a concrete combinatorial description of many of their properties.  If you are interested in looking at research problems with him, he recommends taking linear algebra and/or abstract algebra when next offered.
He is also interested in Math Education research, particularly on questions involving writing in mathematics.  Being able to formulate ideas, and clearly put forth and communicate these ideas, is essential in any profession and mathematics courses provide an excellent opportunity to develop and practice these skills.  
For more information about Dr. Gaines, his research, and academic background, please go to: