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The Mathematics Department supports the mission of Iona College and its School of Arts & Science through its commitment to academic excellence, dedicated teaching and scholarship in the tradition of American Catholic Higher Education and the Christian Brothers. The Department values the beauty, logic, and rigor seen in the theoretical nature of the discipline as well as the practicality and power exhibited in its applications. It is a department of teacher-scholars that draws upon the rich multicultural heritage of the discipline and the innovative approaches made possible by modern technology. Thus, the faculty of the Department is able to provide students with a liberal arts-based education that is both traditional and contemporary, in order that they may become critical thinkers cognizant of the virtues of truthfulness, creativity, intellectual inquiry, and life-long learning.

The Mathematics Department values knowledge, understanding, innovative thought, and the pursuit of wisdom. To these ends the Faculty of the Mathematics Department strives to provide the services necessary to enable students to become:

  • aware of the mathematics that exists in the world that surrounds them;
  • skilled at expressing ideas using mathematical language, algorithms, and technological tools;
  • skilled at understanding and writing proofs;
  • able to adapt mathematical modes of reasoning to evaluate complex situations and structure a solution or model based on their analysis.

(Revised, December, 2012)