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Student Outcomes

Students graduating Iona College with a Mathematics major will be able to:

  1. demonstrate the ability to identify articles that draw conclusions based on mathematical results and reasoning.
  2. demonstrate the ability to transition between the written English word and its equivalent mathematical notation.
  3. successfully apply mathematical techniques/definitions when solving problems.
  4. use technology when appropriate.
  5. explore mathematical algorithms used as tools for solving problems and drawing conclusions.
  6. prove statements using appropriate methods such as direct proof, method of contradiction, and mathematical induction.
  7. recognize and correct incorrect or incomplete proofs.
  8. model real-world situations using appropriate analytic/graphical/numeric methods.
  9. recognize the need to test conclusions and models drawn from real-world data.
  10. recognize and correct inappropriate solution methods/models.

Approved by Department: October 15, 2010