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Student Outcomes

  • Students gain an understanding of recent history, contemporary social/political problems and ethical values.
  • Students gain an understanding of  how the language, law, philosophies, and practices of peace and  justice apply to contemporary issues facing our world.
  • Students are able to identify the critical ethical/moral responses to social justice issues of violence, injustice, poverty, and ecological degradation.


  • To increase knowledge and awareness of basic issues of war, peace, justice and nonviolence.
  • To generate openness for the study of social, racial and gender equality.
  • To produce dialogue and scholarship on how to create a more just and peaceful world.

Course spotlight

Catholicism in the Contemporary World: Peace and Social Justice

This course introduces students to the concepts of peace and social justice from a religious perspective, particularly through the lens of Catholic Social Teaching.   Often, this course becomes the catalyst for students who want to further their study of peace and social movements, inspiring them to take the next step toward the Peace and Justice Studies minor.