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Faculty Emeriti

James E. Giles, Ph.D.

James E. Giles, Ph.D.Professor Giles wrote his Ph.D. thesis on the American philosopher William James. He has written articles and given papers on James’s thought as well as teaching courses about him. Professor Giles has also written and presented papers on traditional topics in philosophy and somewhat untraditional ones like the link between philosophy and autobiography. He became involved in the area of medical ethics when it first came into prominence in the 1970s and taught courses in the area for several years. He published Medical Ethics: A Patient-Centered Approach. He served on the Hospital Ethics Committee at Sound Shore Medical Center. In addition to his teaching and research, Professor Giles was the Book Editor of Cross Currents for dozen years and is a member of Tau chapter, Phi Beta Kappa.

William G. O'Neill

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Christopher Perricone, Ph.D.

Christopher Perricone, Ph.D.Ph.D. Graduate Center of the City of New York

Professor Perricone’s area of specialization is Philosophy of Art, and his areas of competence are the history of philosophy and neo-darwinism. While studying at the Graduate Center of the City of New York, he had the privilege of studying under Milton Munitz, Standish Thayer, Raymond Smullyan, et al.

With over 50 articles and reviews published in refereed professional philosophy journals; his work has appeared in some of the best journals in the field, for example, The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism, The Journal of British Aesthetics, The Journal of Aesthetic Education, The Journal of Value Inquiry, etc.

In addition to his work in philosophy, Dr. Perricone has had poetry published in literary journals. In 1996, he had a volume of poetry, A Summer of Monkey Poems, published by the late Harry Duncan of the Cummington Press. Harry Duncan, during his long and distinguished career at the helm of the Cummington Press, published, among others, Wallace Stevens, William Carlos Williams, and Robert Lowell, a group Dr. Perricone is both proud and humbled to have his literary work in the company of.