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What is Political Science?

  • Are you interested in international affairs, American politics, law, public policy, government, peace and justice?
  • Are you interested in foreign policy, critical issues such as health, poverty, security, terrorism, the environment, war and civil rights?
  • Can you picture yourself working at the United Nations, for the F.B.I., the Department of State, the White House, or representing the U.S. in a foreign nation?
  • Would you like to practice law, teach Social Studies or Government, work for an elected official, run for office, become a political consultant, a media analyst, or be active on Capitol Hill?
  • Do you enjoy debating, discussing, thinking and writing about politics, government, current events, and policy issues?
  • Do you want to be in classes that engage you, force you to develop your opinions, and debate with those with different understanding of politics and government?
  • Do you want to form a close relationship with dedicated and experienced faculty?
  • Do you want to participate in simulations and mock trials? Apply your learning in real situations? Travel? Work as an intern?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you should consider Political Science as a major!!

Student Success

Caitlyn’s internship in a NYC museum taught her valuable lessons in working with others to achieve common goals–and move the world.

Caitlyn O'Toole ’14

English and Political Science

Read About Caitlyn

Student Success

The professors in the Political Science department here at Iona teach us to debate various positions and allow for open discussion of multiple points of view.

Zachary Benoit

Political Science major