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Pre-Law Minor Requirements

With the assistance of the Pre-Law Coordinators,
pre-law students choose six courses (3 credits each):
Course Number Course Name

BLW 200

Contemporary Issues/Practical Law in Everyday Life

BLW 300

Introduction to Law and the Legal System

BLW 302

Current Issues in Immigration Law

BLW 401

Property, Security Devices, Estates, Trusts, Bankruptcy (Accounting Majors)

BLW 415

International Law and Business

CRJ 207

Principles of Penal Law

CRJ 305

Substantive Criminal Law

CRJ 317

Evidence and Procedural Law

CRJ 495

Special Topics in CRJ: Women’s Legal Studies

ENG 357

Advanced Writing for Pre-Law Students

MCO 300

Media, Law & Ethics

PHL 332

Logic: Basis of Correct Reasoning

PHL 356

Political and Social Philosophy

PHL 381

Philosophy of Law

POL 323

Civil Liberties and the Bill of Rights

POL 328

The American Political System: The Judicial Branch and the Constitution

POL 364 International Law

POL 385

Pre-Law Internship

Please note: students must make sure they meet the pre-reqs for each of the courses they select.