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Student Outcomes

Upon completion of the Political Science major at Iona, students will be able to:

  • Analyze, speak and write about political theory and events in the major sub-fields of political science;
  • Apply social scientific reasoning and theories to the analysis of a wide range of political issues and problems;
  • Generate and test hypotheses about political processes, relationships and institutions or engage in conceptual analysis and interpretation of political ideas, arguments, and phenomena;
  • Complete independent research projects in political science

Student Success

Caitlyn’s internship in a NYC museum taught her valuable lessons in working with others to achieve common goals–and move the world.

Caitlyn O'Toole ’14

English and Political Science

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Student Success

The professors in the Political Science department here at Iona teach us to debate various positions and allow for open discussion of multiple points of view.

Zachary Benoit

Political Science major