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Erin Raiola

BA in Psychology, 2015
MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, expected 2016

As a psychology major at Iona College I was academically challenged, provided the opportunity to apply my knowledge of psychology via an internship, and encouraged to be cognizant of the different career paths in psychology. Psychology courses offered at the undergraduate level range from psychology of human sexuality to personnel psychology. To that end, I felt well-versed in the discipline of psychology upon the conclusion of my senior year. Midway into my undergraduate career I discovered Iona’s industrial-organizational five-year BA/MA program and thus began taking undergraduate and graduate courses simultaneously. Although I was intimidated first at the thought of taking graduate psychology courses coupled with my undergraduate courses, my professors provided relentless support. The professors that comprise the Psychology Department possess profound knowledge in various specializations in psychology. The knowledge these professors shared with me has resulted in a widening of my perspective and my overall academic success.

Prospective students considering attending Iona for psychology should research the department’s various dual-degree programs for I have found being in a five-year program both fulfilling and financially advantageous. Taken together, I consider my experience as a psychology major at Iona an invaluable asset. Presently, I am continuing to work on my master’s degree in industrial-organizational psychology and working in a human resources department.