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Mujgan Turget

MA in Industrial-Organizational Psychology, 2015

Immigrating from Turkey to the United States after graduating from high school without speaking any English, I have learned not to let external boundaries and limitations prevent me from pursuing my goals. Learning English was the key that opened the door of the City College of New York to me and I pursued my bachelor’s degree in psychology and political science. I have always been interested in psychology; however, I was not sure which field of psychology I would practice. While taking a variety of psychology courses in college and helping my family's business, I become very interested in psychological issues that arise in business settings. Working in a restaurant as an assistant manager for years and being involved in managerial processes, I realized that many improvements in work environments can be accomplished by applying the field of psychology. I decided to pursue a master’s degree in Industrial and Organizational Psychology and hoped to provide and inspire some of the necessary solutions to problems in the business environment.  

After making a decision to study Industrial and Organizational Psychology, I began to visit schools which offered an I-O Psychology program. The day that I visited Iona I was very fortunate to meet with Dr. Patricia Oswald, professor and chair of the Psychology Department. Dr. Oswald was very welcoming and kind, and she presented the department and the I-O program so well that Iona became my choice for my master’s degree. My graduate studies at Iona College have been very rewarding. First, I made another family at Iona – the faculty members in the Psychology Department became my family who have generously taught me, supported me, and guided me during my years at Iona. Without their support and help, I could not have graduated with highest honors and a departmental gold medal. Also, the internship opportunity that the I-O program provided was very beneficial. During my internship, I learned and developed many important skills related to selection processes and procedures, professionalism, communication skills, and organizational expertise that will help me flourish in my career. While at Iona I also gained valuable research experience. In addition to the courses that I have taken and my thesis study, working as a research assistant for Dr. Brian Cesario, an assistant professor of Psychology, I have developed very strong research skills that I hope to utilize in a meaningful manner in my future career.

Currently I am a fitness coach who is dedicated to helping clients accomplish their health and fitness goals, and I am interested in career opportunities where I can utilize my expertise in health and fitness and my educational background in industrial and organizational psychology. My career aspiration is to apply my strong organizational and research skills to a position where I can focus on health and psychology and develop wellness programs and promote the well-being of individuals. I love helping, giving, listening and making people feel better. I aim to create and foster an environment where individuals have the health and energy to fulfill their goals. Iona College has given me the opportunity to learn, to grow, and to evolve as an individual and a master's level psychologist. The knowledge, experiences and opportunities that the I-O program at Iona has given me are very valuable. I am ready to invest myself, my time and my energy toward pursuing a career where I can combine my passion for fitness, health and I-O psychology.