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Student Outcomes & Stories

R1 Express substantive knowledge of the beliefs and practices among various religious traditions through analyzing religious texts, especially primary sources. [Knowledge]

R2 Compare the fundamental insights shared by the many religious traditions while distinguishing the historical and cultural contexts of the different religious traditions. [Critical thinking]

R3 Synthesize an informed appreciation for religious diversity, a sensitivity to the demands of living within the ambiguity of multiple religious traditions while exhibiting a willingness to promote mutual respect, interreligious tolerance, and dialogue. [Diversity and Tolerance]

R4 Identify the critical religious responses to the social issues of violence, injustice, poverty, and ecological degradation, and evaluate competing ethical claims among and within religious traditions. [Ethical Awareness]

R5 Experience the affective power of the religious traditions and differentiate the rich and diverse religious practices in our world. [Affective and Practical Experiences]

Memory and Reconciliation: Iona in Poland

The Religious Studies Department at Iona offers a life-changing spring study abroad experience in Poland. Sponsored by Iona’s endowed professorship in Jewish-Catholic Studies, the program brings faculty and students to Auschwitz for an intensive week of study during spring break. Check out our blog to see photos and read about how students have confronted the tragedy and interpreted the meaning of the Holocaust.

Student Success

Iona has given me the chance to study what I truly love: Religion.

Lisette C. Noisette

Religious Studies major