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The mission of the Science and Technological Literacy (STL) program is to foster an appreciation of science among all students and to develop their ability to use scientific methodologies to enhance quantitative, critical thinking and problem solving skills. It is important that students leave the program with an understanding that science is a human endeavor that best meets the needs of our society when all citizens can participate in discussions on the influence of science and technology on our daily lives.

The STL program supports the Mission of Iona College and the tradition of American Catholic higher education. As a community of teacher-scientists, we are committed to academic excellence. We will provide our students with an educational experience that is contemporary and broadly based in the natural sciences.

Upon completion of the STL core curriculum students will:

  • Understand of the nature of science.
  • Understand the methods of inquiry and experimental design that lead to scientific knowledge and discovery.
  • Demonstrate an ability to gather information from authoritative sources, identify valid scientific arguments and distinguish between the correct and incorrect use of scientific information.
  • Develop quantitative, critical thinking and problem solving skills.
  • Engage in discussions of scientific and technological issues of societal importance such as human health, energy and the environment.
  • Communicate scientific concepts in a clear, logical and informed fashion.

(Revised, March 2013)