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Student Outcomes

As part of the core curriculum at Iona, each student is to take a two-course sequence in STL. These courses are interdisciplinary in their consideration of physical science, life science, and technology and they focus on the societal dimensions of the subjects by treating contemporary problems as course topics.

The first course provides a broad view of fundamental concepts and principles as well as practical development of problem solving, critical thinking, and measurement skills. By concentrating on a particular theme, the second course adds detail and depth to the study in an area of particular interest to the student.

Through participation in the Scientific and Technological Literacy component of the core curriculum, students will:

  • Gain and demonstrate an understanding of the nature of scientific knowledge and the ability to apply scientific concepts, principles, laws, and theories to contemporary issues;
  • Be enabled to utilize the processes of science and engineering in solving problems, making decisions, and furthering their understanding of nature and technology;
  • Gain and demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of the joint enterprises of science and technology and their interrelationships with each other and with other aspects of society;
  • Cultivate within students and assess the understanding of, and the confidence to confront scientific and technological issues in areas such as human health, energy, and the environment as active and informed citizens and leaders.