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Lisa Rene Reynolds, Ph.D.

Dr. Reynolds is a member of the Iona graduate faculty, while also working as a family therapist in private practice in Connecticut. She has been a therapist, supervisor, and clinical director for a number of mental health agencies over the last twenty-plus years. Dr. Reynolds has participated in critical incident debriefing for many crisis situations over the years, including school murders, allegations of sexual misconduct in schools and, most recently, offered consultations, and grief and safety workshops for schools surrounding the Newtown, Connecticut area. Additionally, she served for several years as the co-chair of the Parent Education and Focus on Kids Programs, and is the professional “expert” seen in the divorce parenting training video that is shown in mandatory classes in many states. She has been a consultant and guest on many TV and radio shows. Dr. Reynolds is also the author of countless professional journal and mainstream magazine articles, and is the author of several books. Her most recent publication, Parenting Through Divorce: Helping Your Children Thrive During and After the Split, has been translated into three languages.

Research/Professional Interests

Dr. Reynolds professional interests and research are in the areas of Post-modern approaches to systemic therapies, qualitative research, including case studies and phenomenological inquiry, as well as marriage counseling, divorce and the impact on children and families, child development, and other issues as they pertain to the success of therapy and the health and well-being of therapists.