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Career Changers SLPA Prerequisite Program

Looking for a new career path?

According to ASHA, Speech-Language Pathologist is ranked among the top 30 (out of 100) fastest growing occupations over the next decade. In response to this need, Iona College now offers visiting students the opportunity to take prerequisite courses in preparation for application to a graduate degree program in Speech-Language Pathology. Whether you are an undergraduate student or considering a postbaccalaureate degree, Iona's SLPA Prerequisite Program is perfect for those seeking entry into the rewarding field of Speech-Language Pathology.

Preparation Program

In most cases, students can complete necessary courses in a year or less. For student convenience, classes are offered at night during the fall and spring terms, over our January inter-session, and during the summer sessions. We also offer hybrid and distance learning options. Our faculty members are both professionals and practitioners dedicated to helping you on the path to graduate school.

Career and Employment

A graduate degree (MA, MS, or doctorate) is required for certification by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, and for licensure in most states. The prerequisite program at Iona College will help put you on the path to your graduate school goals.

Program Advantages:

  • All necessary courses for entrance into graduate programs are offered regularly
  • Undergraduate tuition rate versus graduate rate charged at other institutions
  • Professors who will support you during the graduate school application process
  • On-Campus Clinic for observation hours and practical experience

Course Offerings

Course Number
Course Name
SCS 301 Clinical Linguistics
SCS 361 Normal Acquisition of Speech & Language
SCS 363 Phonetics
SCS 364 Anatomy and Physiology of the Speech Mechanism
SCS 365 Introduction to Hearing Science
SCS 366 Audiology
SCS 367 Aural Rehabilitation
SCS 362 Introduction to Communication Disorders
SCS 372 Observations
SCS 373 Speech Science

Additional courses in Bilingualism, Psychology, Education, Biology and Communication Skills can be taken if the student so desires.


Iona has a state-of-the-art Hearing and Speech Clinic that includes:

  • 13-room teaching clinic at 83 Clove Road
  • Grason-Stradler 61 Clinical Audiometer
  • Quest Sound Level Meter
  • Maico MI-34 Immittance
  • Numerous diagnostic tests of speech and language
  • Otoadmittance Meter
  • On-campus Speech Evaluations
  • Accent Reduction Training
  • Audiology Booth

The department also maintains excellent relationships with speech and hearing centers in Westchester County. Our students are welcomed observers in area hospitals and clinics. In addition, Iona has an active chapter of National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NSSLHA).