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The mission of the Department of Speech Communication Studies reflects the mission of Iona College: to foster intellectual inquiry, community engagement, and an appreciation for diversity.

Intellectual Inquiry

We are dedicated to exploring the many dimensions of communication, including interpersonal, small group, public speaking, conflict resolution, patient-advocacy, and intercultural communication. Through our undergraduate major in speech-language pathology and audiology, we are committed to the theoretical and applied study of typical and disordered speech and language development and maturation across the lifespan. In our major in speech communication, we are committed to the theoretical and practical studies of effective communication in myriad environments. Throughout all departmental courses and activities, we encourage a commitment to lifelong learning by helping our students become independent, ethical, and informed critical thinkers, respect opinions different from their own, and advocate for those who are unable to do so.

Community Engagement

We are dedicated to providing service to the greater community through volunteerism, ongoing professional development of our community colleagues, and assistance to those in need of enhancing their own communication skills. In particular, through our Speech and Language Hearing Clinic and Speakers' Center, we provide a broad and deep range of speech, language, hearing, and public speaking services to all individuals in need.

Appreciation for Diversity

We are dedicated to cultivating students to participate in a global society and become leaders and advocates for social justice. Through classroom study and experiential opportunities, we advance understanding of differences in cultures and languages to help students become professionals who expand and enhance their fields.

(Revised, February 2013)