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Information and Updates for the Iona Community on Coronavirus.

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Student Outcomes

The program in Women's Studies exposes students - both female and male - to the contributions of women in society from a broad range of perspectives that are not only personally enlightening, but are also useful in the pursuit of careers in law, government, psychology, social services, communications, education, business, and medicine. Students explore issues raised by contemporary feminists, and study the effects of gender roles on political, economic, and social institutions. These perspectives promote a sensitivity to issues of gender and power, and an understanding of changing roles and expectations in American Society.

Student Learning Outcomes

  • To understand the origins of contemporary attitudes toward women and the conceptualization of the content of gender roles.
  • To understand the status of women in select areas of social life.
  • To develop critical thinking skills for analyzing sex and gender inequalities.


  • To exam and Increase understanding of the contributions of women to society
  • To explore issues and questions raised by contemporary feminist scholars
  • To study the effects of gender and gender roles on political, economic, and other social institutions.