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Pre-Veterinary Programs

Beyond academics, it is important for students seeking admission to veterinary school to gain considerable experience working with animals either in veterinary medicine, research, or clinics. Many veterinary schools require the GRE as the standardized test, though some have been accepting the MCATs. Overall, acceptance to veterinary school is competitive due to the small number of schools that exist.

Coursework: More than half of all veterinary schools require the following:

Course Area Course Number
General Biology, 1 year with lab BIO 101-102
Genetics, 1 semester BIO 211
General Chemistry, 1 year with lab CHM 109-110
Organic Chemistry, 1 year with lab CHM 209-210, CHM 220-221
Biochemistry, 1 semester CHM 321, BIO 419, CHM 422
General Physics, 1 year with lab PHY 101-102
Math, 1 year MTH 231 and MTH 270
English, 1 year ENG 120, 212, 213 or 214
Social Sciences, 1 year (Psychology and/or Sociology) Various

In addition, veterinary schools require or recommend:

  • Microbiology (BIO 316)
  • Cell Biology (BIO 399)
  • Speech and Public Speaking (SCS 101)
  • Additional upper-level biology electives