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In addition to academic coursework, it is very important for students to have exposure to the field of optometry. Students should shadow and/or become acquainted with at least one optometrist. Students must take the OAT standardized test for admission.

Coursework required for most schools:

Course Area Course Number
English, 1 year ENG 120, 212, 213 or 214
General Biology, 1 year with lab BIO 101-102
General Chemistry, 1 year with lab CHM 109-110
General Physics, 1 year with lab PHY 101-102
Math, Calculus I and Statistics MTH 231 and 270
Microbiology, 1 semester BIO 316
Organic Chemistry with lab, 1 semester CHM 209 and CHM 220

Additional Recommended courses:

  • Anatomy and Physiology (BIO 238 & BIO239)
  • Organic Chemistry II (CHM 210)
  • Biochemistry (CHM 321 or BIO 419)
  • Psychology (various)