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Pre-Physician Assistant and Pre-Physical Therapy

Unlike medical, dental and podiatry schools, pre-Physician Assistant (PA), pre-Physical Therapy (PT), and nursing programs have more Biology requirements and less Chemistry requirements, and have more requirements in the social sciences. Since each program has different requirements, the Pre-Health Advisor helps students determine the appropriate courses to take. Additionally, PA and PT programs usually require direct patient care contact hours (approximately 200 hours per semester).

Coursework usually required by various PA and PT programs

Course Area Course Number
General Biology, 1 year with lab BIO 101-102
General Chemistry, 1 year with lab CHM 109-110
Organic Chemistry and/or Biochemistry, 1 semester CHM 209, CHM 321/BIO419
General Physics, 1 year with lab* PHY 101-102
Statistics, 1 semester MTH 270
Psychology (Developmental or Abnormal) and/ or Sociology, at least 2 semesters PSY 441 or 461 SOC 101
Microbiology, 1 semester BIO 316
Anatomy and Physiology I & II, 2 semesters BIO 238 & 239
Medical Terminology**, 1 semester Not offered at Iona

*Usually not required for PA programs, but recommended
**Usually not required for PT programs

Other upper-level courses recommended by various PA and PT programs:

  • Cell Biology (BIO 399)
  • Genetics (BIO 211)
  • Histology (BIO 402)
  • Molecular Biology (BIO 480/481)
  • Pharmacology (BIO 410)