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Freshmen Advisers

Each new student is assigned an academic adviser who is a member of the Iona College faculty. The adviser assists students with making the transition to college life. Students will meet their advisers during the summer orientation program. Meetings continue throughout the freshman year and until students select a major.

Directory of Freshmen Advisers
Faculty Department Extension
Frances Bailie Computer Science 2335
Teresa D'Aversa Biology 2488
Paolina Centonze Computer Science 2562
Dean DeFino English 2160
Frank Fazio Biology 2238
Diane Ferrero-Paluzzi Speech Communication Studies 2053
Jennifer Gerometta Speech Communication Studies 2036
William Gratzer Mathematics 2400
Michael Hughes History 2586
Brother Dennis Gunn Religious Studies 2108
Michael Jordan Philosophy 2718
Yourha Kang Biology 2260
Victoria Ketz Foreign Language 2737
Josh Klein Criminal Justice 2084
Srilal Krishnan Mathematics 2398
Kathleen Kristian Chemistry 2341
Dorothy Leone Speech Communication Studies 2127
Thomas Moretti English 2058
Thomas Mussio Foreign Language 2738
Kim Paffenroth Religious Studies (Honors Program) 2743
Orly Shachar Mass Communication 2165
Carol Shansky Fine and Performing Arts 2506
Hugh Short English 637-7725
Brother Raymond Smith Mass Communication 2354
Catherine Stratton History 2432
Daniel Thiery History 2424
Robert Wainwright Mathematics (CAP students) 2184