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Freshman Plan

1. Values

Help student to develop their potential to fulfill their intellectual, civic, spiritual and career goals.

2. Vision

Set a standard of high-quality advising among peer institutions as reflected by helping students make a seamless transit ion into college, and throughout their college career.

3. Mission

Academic advising at Iona College will help students identify and achieve academic goals; encourage intellectual discovery; help students identify realistic majors; assist
with the process of career development; and create responsible and knowledgeable learners.

4. Goals

Academic advising at Iona College will be:

  • comprehensive in order to meet students academic, emotional, and social needs
  • continuous throughout the college career
  • high quality and regularly assessed and evaluated
  • responsive to the mission of the college

5. Programmatic Outcomes

The advisement program will provide students with:

  • a supportive advising environment
  • awareness of College’s general education requirements
  • awareness of majors and career options
  • the ability to move efficiently through the educational process
  • ability to develop effective strategies to achieve their goal

6. Delivery Outcomes

To achieve these programmatic outcomes, advisors will:

  • encourage students to take charge of their own educational experience
  • teach students how to evaluate information
  • serve as a resource to students

7. Student Learning Outcomes

As a result of the advising program students will understand the:

  • core curriculum requirements
  • policies and procedures of the college
  • graduation requirements
  • be able to read a degree audit
  • the college’s automated registration system
  • the importance of maintaining contact with appropriate advisors
  • importance of contact with Career Services