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MS in Technology, Media, and Telecommunications in Sports and Business Entertainment

The business of sports and entertainment continues to evolve at a whirlwind pace due to the influence of disruptive technology and the need for 24/7 media content. Sports and entertainment consumers want their content, and they know when they want it and how they want it more so now than ever before. Agencies (solution/service providers), properties (content suppliers), and media companies (content distributors) work together to answer the consumption demands for today’s fan and pursue opportunities to leverage their asset inventory and distribution channels.
The MS in Technology, Media and Telecommunications in Sports Entertainment Business is designed to provide an in-depth view and experience, with predominately industry-led instructors, in primary business sectors and corresponding job functions that drive the sports, entertainment, and media business today. The degree will provide the following benefits:
  • Real-time engagement from accomplished senior-level industry executives.
  • Understanding the intricacies and power of media (current and evolving), technology and product innovation.
  • Built-in networking events throughout the year with industry and alumni.
  • Global perspective through a diverse and international student population.
  • Focus on developing and refining personal communication skills.
  • Exploration of job opportunities & functions in sports, entertainment, and media.
  • Coaching of career advancement strategies and personalized value propositions.

Application Requirements

  • Completed application
  • A U.S. or equivalent bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited college or university
  • Official transcript(s) from all colleges/universities attended
  • Current resume
  • Official GMAT score if overall GPA is below 3.25
  • Two letters of recommendations
  • 500-word response to “Why are you interested in Iona College’s MS, “TMT” in Sports and Entertainment Business?"


Total Required Credits: 45

Course Number Course Name Credits Prerequisite
BLW 625 Talent Representation and Marketing in SE&M 3  
BLW 630 Legal and Business Affairs in SE&M
(The Regulation of Electronic Media [Entertainment Law])
BUS 604 Corporate & Event Marketing, Management and Hospitality in SE&M 3  
BUS 617 Digital (Mobile) Programming, Marketing and Analytics in SE&M
(Digital Media, Marketing, and Analytics in SE&M)
BUS 618 Career Insights and Development in SE&M 3  
BUS 619 Business and Corporate Communication Strategies in SE&M 3 MBA 560
FIN 651 Finance and Accounting in SE&M 3 MBA 550
IS 650 Information Technology, Big Data and Product Innovation in SE&M
(Information, Technology in Sports, Gaming and Product Innovation in SE&M)
MKT 650 Business Development Strategies in SE&M 3  
MKT 651 International Marketing and Management in SE&M 3 MBA 560
MKT 665 Sales Management in SE&M 3 MBA 560
MNG 613 Leadership and Management in SE&M 3  
MNG 638 Management, Human Resources and Operations in SE&M 3  
MNG 646 The Business and Management of Content Creation in SE&M 3  
MNG 697 Managing Facilities and Event Operations in SE&M 3  
MNG 698 Managing Organizations in SE&M 3