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If you took a break and would like to Return, here are the steps...

Feel free to visit the Student Services Office, Room 105, Hagan Hall - (914) 633-2256 or 2257

If a student has not attended for two semesters or more, they must reapply. In order to re-apply to Iona you must submit a readmission application to the dean’s office in the School of Business.

Mail Application to:

Iona College, School of Business
Attn: Patti Ingraham
715 North Avenue
New Rochelle, NY 10801

“Fresh Start” Rule

Students with a cumulative index below 2.0 who leave Iona, either voluntarily or as a result of academic suspension, and who seek reinstatement after a lapse of three calendar years, may apply for a “fresh start” by an appropriate petition accompanying their reapplication. Subsequent to reinstatement, students choosing the “fresh start” option must complete a minimum of 30 credits, 12 of which must be in the major area. All grades must meet the required 2.0 index in both the major and cumulative grade point average.

The granting of a “fresh start” will be noted on the student’s official transcript. Credits above the line or those earned before reinstatement, shall be treated as transfer credits for the purposes of the calculation of cumulative index, and for the determination of future academic status. NO CREDIT WILL BE GIVEN FOR “D” GRADES. Credits earned after reinstatement, will be calculated in the regular cumulative index. All grades will be used for calculation toward graduation honors. The “fresh start” policy may be applied only once. Students who were academically dismissed are not eligible for reinstatement, or for this privilege.

In exceptional cases, a similar index amnesty may be applied to students with a cumulative index of less than 2.0 who wish to change from one degree program to another. The following conditions are necessary:

  • Permission from the dean of the business school
  • Credits attempted at the time of the request are at least 12, but not more than 48
  • The original choice of a degree program has been recognized as not being in a student’s best interest
  • Endorsement has been obtained from appropriate counseling and academic personnel that such a change would be of benefit to the student.

The granting of index amnesty for a curriculum change does not remove any sanctions imposed for the last semester prior to the change of curriculum. Such index amnesty is granted only once.